Hydraulic 45 degree Bent Axis Piston Pump

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Parker F1 piston pump 45 degree bent axisThis is one of the most powerful pumps built specially to be used in mobile equipment like cranes, container lifts, concrete mixers and similar truck applications.

Its high power capacity in a very compact envelope makes this type of pump to fit in very confined spaces. The maximum pressure that this pump can offer is 400 bar or 5.800 psi. With Displacements from 25 to 101 cc/rev.




Parker F1 hydraulic piston pump


  1. Drive shaft.
  2. Ball and Roller bearings.
  3. High pressure shaft seals.
  4. Pump housing, body.
  5. Ring gear to connect the shaft to the piston barrel.
  6. Barrel pin, with a spring to press the piston barrel against the rear cover.
  7. 7 pistons.
  8. Piston barrel.
  9. Rear cover. Includes the suction and discharge ports.


Piston Rings

Piston rings (3) to assure the highest efficiency.

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