How the Parker - Nichols IGR hydraulic motor works

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Parker nichols hydraulic motorThis rough Motor made by Parker Hannifin is the only one in the market that uses a patented design called IGR that permits the use of solid shafts inside of it.

These motors have been applied in the entire world for over 25 years in all kind of industrial and mobile applications.

Parker Nichols Hydraulic Motor


Most Geroller motors have 2 shafts, one internal and one external. the fact that the rotor orbits around the shaft and is not aligned with it, makes the manufacturing of these 2 shafts very complicated.

Parker changed the design adding the rollers and the outer rotor to keep the inner rotor aligned with the shaft, engaging directly to it. In this ingenious design, the outer rotor orbits around the inner rotor and with the help of the rollers it closes the chambers for a very good efficiency.

Another great advantage that this motor owns, is that it is very short compared to its competitors; when there is a mounting tight spot, this motor is the only one that is going to fit.

Let's see how it works:

The principle is very similar to any other geroller motor. When flow is supplied to either one of the ports, the oil is directed to the chambers (7 ) created among the inner rotor, rolls, outer rotor, rear cover and commutator plate pushing 3 of the rolls at a time creating the rotational movement.



IGR Hydraulic group



As you could see in the video, the lubrication of the IGR rotating group is very simple because the outer rotor rolls on rollers diminishing the friction forces.



Geroler Construction



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