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All the Hydraulics calculations needed for cylinders, pumps, and motors.

Designed to be used by individuals that are working with hydraulics every day, eager to shorten the time spent in hydraulic calculations designing, verifying actual data or because they are learning hydraulics and they are not very familiar with formulas.



Even people that are experienced in hydraulics have been in trouble sometime because of the use of constants and units, or simply they enter erroneous values into the calculator, getting inexact results, insecurity and waste of time due to the need to confirm the results obtained. In other words, how many times have you seen yourself doing the same calculation 3 or more times because you want to be sure of the result?


To learn how to use the hydraulics formulas correctly is many times a challenge. If we add to this problem the correct use of hydraulic units, we encounter an even bigger challenge.


If you are one of those that do not make hydraulic calculations so often, probably do not remember the formulas for cylinders or do not remember where is the ‘little book” or you do not want to spend time using Google. Well, all those formulas are here, in just one place, in your computer.


Whoever have used formulas for cylinders or those that are learning how to use them ( like you can see bellow) know that, they are tricky, difficult to use, specially because of the different size areas. You need to make the hydraulic calculations fast, very fast and precise.


This is the tool that can save you time when you need to use a calculator with the hydraulic formulas. The hydraulic calculator can be used in a desktop or laptop, Windows XP, Vista and 7.


This program, extremely easy to use was designed to simplify and ease calculations needed in cylinders, motors, pumps and to get the displacement of gear pumps or motors.


Additionally, it makes conversion of units from standard to metric and vice versa.


You can use standard hydraulic unit like: pounds, PSI, inches, gallons/minute (GPM). Metric or SI units like: Newtons, bar, centimeters, liters per minute (lpm). Or, you can convert the results from one system to the other.




Watch the program “Hydraulics Calculations” in action.





Obtain the program HYDRAULIC CALCULATIONS to help you to save time and effort doing hydraulic calculations for only $ 15.95 (for limited time). Click the buy button and start using it.

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